I create, therefore I am


Why is art a mode of communication despite numerous other world languages? We can all converse in emotions, words, looks and gestures. What sets an artist’s statement apart is the door to infinity.

With every message, e-mail, pings and calls, there is a certain degree of expectation that tags along. With art, it is a never returning journey of a relationship on a fabric of multi-dimensional space. Art accepts me beyond right and wrong. It takes me across the confines of birth andWhatsApp Image 2018-09-20 at 13.26.32 death. It neither hates me nor loves me. It takes anybody whom it pleases. It takes anybody who strives to be taken. It takes anybody who needs it. Artists do not always travel on linear (OR) curved roads. They transcend imaginary planes of existence.

As an engineer, I have deadlines, milestones and expectations to meet. As an artist, it has only been about the process. I’m on the receiving end of unlimited refinement and bliss. I let art hand-hold me and move in a way that art pleases.

Sometimes I walk, Sometimes I fly . . .

Sometimes I crawl, Some other times I just try.

Most times, I just lay myself in the essence of art and let it shape me the way art wants me to be .. the way I am supposed to be.

Artists are beyond just creators. They don’t give art. Instead, art gives a piece of itself through them. It’s an amalgamation of the artist’s movement and art’s commands. It evolves. It creates, grows, and flourishes in its own glory. Imagine having to tie-up all of your inner and outer senses like being blind-fold for the eyes (which is just a visual lock-up). Such is the movement of an artist.

I am the mere residue of what art takes out of me in my every breath. With this constant take-aways, I hope to mould all of my flaws into an unconditional pristine expression. I do not know if I deserve applauses or compliments. I do not even know if I expect them, but I know that even the smallest of these gestures pull down my veil of ego an inch further.  The facade that I am, is stamped and crushed into grains of atoms until it becomes one with my art – the art that commands me.  No matter how hard I rehearse, I evolve on stage; I communicate in front of the camera; I live there at that point in time; I simply emote within my inner space. I will keep  moving forward in this never-ending journey until I get completely naked, ripped off of my ego and all of the negativity. Then, I merge.

I create, therefore I am.

Author: gogal

Something in the nothingness of this world :)

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