Xanadu #X #AtoZChallenge

Ah! 24th post is here and what is it about? I guess we are delving into unpopular terrains because most of us find these letters pretty challenging despite themed/non-themed posts. As I was breaking my head to come up with  an interesting topic and title, a fellow blogger/ movie-buff/ satirist/ marketing executive came up with a mysterious topic  and I decided to take the honor of guest posting their idea – Xanadu! I am sure all the ‘Citizen Kane’ fans out there can instantly relate to what I am talking about. And to others. just hold up a few more lines from me and you will find out. Meanwhile, here is this edgy blogger’s website with more such interesting insights on movies. If you love this writing, I am sure you will want to read more of similar works. Welcome to Xanadu!

The beauty of this piece of writing is its diverse references. This may be the story of that mysterious politician/actor/celebrity who you grew up with. You know that you will never know the truth behind that rose bud! Geography wouldn’t matter; Language ? Nope. Xanadu has been a phenomenon, since time immemorial. It has been around ever since the dawn of mankind – that is how I think it should have been. Somebody was born somewhere. They grew up to their virtues. They had to become filthy rich. And then they built an empire for themselves. And their palace would have to be reached by crossing several oceans and forests. And then you find the cage. And then you see the parrot. The parrot’s heart has the answers to all of the mysteries surrounding the palace including the rose bud. Does the parrot speak?

From the author . . . 

So this post is about the obvious reference you get when someone says Xanadu. Yes, the exotic estate of Charles Foster Kane. When we come across the term Xanadu, love and hate for this term is inevitable. You can see only extremely polarized views about Xanadu, and never a neutral opinion. For some, it is the epitome of inability to spend money wisely. For others, it is epitome of artistic appreciation. Either way it is not something that can be easily neglected nor imagined by a common man. A place like Xanadu is never owned or bought, rather it is built and nurtured. This is the major difference between other possessions and Xanadu.

What does Xanadu convey is the big question. So what can an average art lover do about the dream of building a Xanadu ? Is it even remotely possible ? Is Xanadu the place only for richest of the rich or is it the rich’s way to show the world their love for art ? Or is it the way for the rich to quench their artistic thirst? Or is it just a statement by the rich to prove to the world that they can afford the same? Or is it a persona for the rich to hide their rose bud?

These questions haunt my mind. Probably you will never know, but you know for sure that it’s something beyond love. It may not be even deep enough to explore, it might be just a statement made by a person to “make-believe” the world. It’s all the possibilities of Xanadu. A Xanadu in reality could even be a myth. A Xanadu can be a house that has 10,000 books, golden and silver wares. A Xanadu may in reality have a huge collection of clothing and just footwear. A Xanadu in real life may be even situated in the heart of the city. But definitely it is the sanctum sanctorum of Charles Foster Kane and more so, definitely has a rose bud.

This post is 24/26 of AtoZChallenge.


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

2 thoughts on “Xanadu #X #AtoZChallenge”

  1. I actually had not thought about the Citizen Kane reference though I love that film. Aside from the eighties film and some song with the name another thing that I thought of was the poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “Kubla Khan”.

    Nicely written post. Thought inspiring.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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