Vexed #V #AtoZChallenge

Some days are streamlined. They go by like a nice breeze. While some other days are rampant. They suck the good in you, and bring out the wild. It was one of those days that tickled the sleeping dragon and created the wildest of creatures that blended together a bit of Simba the lion, a dragon, a woman and top it with some rage. Could it be more wild?

The result happened to be the state of extreme anger, irritation and silence. Loud loud silence. Supposedly, the darkest of the lords, peeps out, figures that the weather is perfect and casts a spell to unleash his kingdom. That’s it. The pillars of red rage, rise high until they touch the roof of your mind. The palatial windows and the golden walls mount themselves to edging finesse. The red carpet unrolls down on the floor without a foundation. Trumpets scream with roaring elephant voices. The devil thuds by, and takes his throne. And then, vexation reigns supreme.

It does not matter what caused this because there is not just one thing that you are going be angry at, in life. A lot of us often claim that there is not too many things that annoy us. “Oh that is the most annoying thing for me ever!” We all say that as a matter of fact. But the truth is, we get annoyed and angered at several points in our lives, no matter how many motivational quotes we read in a day. It is not always only “that” reason. So, what is coming up next, is about what happened next. Anger was seething and then this happened first.

Stage 1

With mounting rage that dint seem to think of the opposite way, this also happened.

Stage 2

And then they happened until the poor human was knackered . . .


Perspectives dint matter at this point; For she, was the wildest.

P.S – Not sorry for the poor quality images.

This post is 22/26 of AtoZChallenge

This post is a submission The Daily Post’s daily prompt.


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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