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Karl : * Phone buzzes* Okay I gotta go.
Diana: Please stop this. Please listen to me. You are wasting your time. You have everything you need Karlo. Why don’t you just schedule the shoot?

Karl left without a reply. He had been waiting to start the shoot of his dream movie. His script is waiting for the right actor. No matter how many people told him, he would not compromise on the right looks. He had described the character in a way that would compliment the traits, and hence he could not imagine compromising on a different face cut. The looks were too important. More than just the looks, he looked for a certain spark and charisma in the person, to be able to pull of this role. Diana Miller and her Mr. were tired of trying to convince their son in using their wealth to bring in a big actor with the necessary changes in looks. It bothered them that their son had not established himself in a career yet.

After a bit of guessing, he stopped in front of the rusted pillar, and called the number he was shown. The call was unattended. He decided to wait up as he looked around, Nothing new appeared in the view, but the city gave him something new everyday. He was trying to think of an alternate climax, to answer the questions raised by Nora. And then he heard a knock at the door, she was beautiful. He unlocked the handle and lowered the window. There was a contagious peace on her face.

Karl: Hey!
Her: Karl?
Karl: That’s right. Come on in.
Her: Sorry if I made you wait for too long.
Karl: Oh, don’t worry about it! We good to go?
Her: Oh yeah. (as she adjusted to tighten the seat belt)
She pulled down the sun visor and slid to see herself in the mirror.
Karl: Is the AC good? Or do you feel too cold? Feel free to turn it up or down as you please.
Her: Sure! I am good, thank you!

And there was shush for the next few minutes. Karl usually dint engage in unnecessary conversation during the ride. If they asked something, he would just respond and kept the talking to a minimum. After all, movie-making was his passion.

Her: So, how long have you been doing this?
Karl: Eh about a year now.
Her: Is this your first job?
Karl. Um .. no . . .
Her: Oh! So what are you otherwise ?
Karl: (Hesitant) I am a filmmaker. Wanna be, I mean. I just do this for paying my bills.
Her: (adjusting her hair) Oh! (the voice dragged and faded)

That was a condescending response Karl had not expected. Whenever he mentioned about his passion, people only came back with excitement and curiosity. But here was this passenger who dint seem to find it amusing. For a change, he decided to find out.

Karl: So, what’s your favorite movie till date? I mean I am sure you have more than one, but may be one among your top favorite.
Her: Eh? I don’t have any. *Smirks*
Karl: Any? You mean not one in specific?
Her: Hmm .. kinda. I don’t have any favorites. I don’t like the concept of movies or movie-making as such.
The car’s tires screeched at Karl’s sudden brake. He was just about to miss the red traffic lights. But he dint.
Karl: You don’t like any movie at all? Maybe not a lot of genres?
Her: Nope. No genre. I think movies are a waste of time.

And she continued to swipe her phone. Disinterested. Even in a conversation that involved movies. “Waste of time!?”. Karl had met people who were choosy about what movies they watched. But he had never heard that from some one. Someone who strongly considered the art of movie-making a waste of time. Interestingly, he dint stop low to brand this person, but genuinely made attempts to understand that perspective. He looked at her. She checked the mounted GPS to estimate the TOA.

Karl: Why would you think it is a waste of time? I mean it is an art, isn’t it? Being able to show the world about the endless possibilities and happenings.
Her: Sorry I dint mean to sound rude, but I just don’t find it worthwhile.
Karl: Sure. But, why so? If you don’t mind me asking . . . (looks at her approving) If you can laugh and forget your worries for 2 hours in a comedy movie, don’t you think it is worth your time?
Her: Eh . . . It does not matter what the genre is. I just find it redundant. Movies are not original. Movies are inspired from life. I mean there is nothing new that a movie could offer, or rather there is nothing you would miss by not watching movies. It’s all there in life. More is to life, in fact!

So, that was the perspective, thought Karl. What would make a movie worthwhile? What is there in the movies that is not there in life? Are movies just a reflection of life and nothing more? He was stumped. It was a valid argument and a deep one at that. Karl felt like stopping the car and setting up the plot for a discussion head over. But he was playing the role of a Uber driver, and could not break the company’s policy. But it bothered him that he could not express himself. The journey could not go on like this. Amidst all this urge, he was happy.

Karl: Have you ever acted before?, he smiled.
Her: What?!!!!!

And it was a blockbuster . . . Lydia was loved by the people.

Lydia: Thank you Karl, she assured smilingly.
Karl: Pleasure is mine, ma-am.
He hung up the brief call and waited outside. The car arrived and he boarded the front seat. Karl continued using Uber, only as a passenger this time. It dint matter to him. He decided to stick to it. Only perspectives mattered. Old habits die-hard.

Karl: So? Is this your first job? . . .

This post is 21/26 of AtoZChallenge.


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