#R #AtoZChallenge

The 18th AtoZChallenge post is going to be a ghost post. That’s right. A fellow blogger had amazing ideas on the 3Rs of life and I loved letting these ideas flow wonderfully. If you are having Reduce~Reuse~Recycle in your mind for the 3Rs, we are sorry to disappoint you. This post cannot be Eco-friendly. This cannot save the environment. In its essence, it cannot reduce, can’t recycle and there is not the ounce of possibility to reuse. So unlearn the ecological 3Rs until we unravel the logical #3Rs. Over to the author …

The three R’s namely Reciprocation – Rejection – Retaliation is the fulcrum of this post. Now the question is how these terms are interrelated and how each plays a major role in deciding the life of a person. Now you might feel that this post is Revolving around rather than fixating on a particular topic.

Reciprocation – this word plays a major role in deciding the longevity and fate of a relationship. In any relationship be it love or friendship, the feeling has to be communicated clearly to the person involved. If a person pours a lot of love, but the reciprocation for that love is absent, it essentially leads to the decline of the relationship. So the absence of reciprocation in a relationship means rejection.

Rejection is a crucial factor. Parting away and moving on in a relationship is entirely different from Rejection. In the former case the parties come to an amicable solution to the failure of a relationship. But rejection, will be hard to digest as this person who is facing the rejection has tried to make things work. Despite pouring in a lot of effort, the person is not receiving anything back. This makes the person feel very bad. The chance that this person is deciding giving up on the relationship altogether, is high in these cases.

The problem doesn’t end here, the final stage that seals the fate of the lives of the concerned parties is Retaliation. When a person can’t handle rejection, he/she either reacts or retaliates. When a person reacts for rejection, then it can be controlled and it might not result in a toxic split. But in the case of retaliation, the person who got rejected is totally swayed by the emotions. The person will not be in their sanest self, which causes harm to the parties involved.

For a relationship to work, one has to reciprocate the emotions poured on them. This will help in communicating the emotions. Once communication happens then there is no worry about failure. If at all there is a miscommunication and might lead to rejection stage then the person should Rest for a while to understand the situation. Give it some time. Let information seep in.

Once settled in, the person will not retaliate, rather react. Relationships are simple if we come to terms with the decisions of individuals. Instead, we stick to our perspective, and work keen on satisfying our ego that our decision is right and we want it to win. In relationships, the need to be pragmatic is high and understanding emotions and choices are necessary.

This post is 18/26 of AtoZChallenge.


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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