Quotient #AtoZChallenge #Q

Meeva: Do you like that song Abu?
Abu: Yes Meeva! I like that green frock that the actress wears.
Meeva: Me too! You know those circles she makes? The dress looks so pretty with those flowers!
Abu: Yellooooooooow flowers! That dress goes around with her. She has sunflowers all over her! Will the bees come for those flowers and sting her Meeva?
Meeva: You silly! Those flowers are not real. The tailor uncle stitches flowers on her green dress.
Abu: (Wide-eyed in awe) Oh! So they don’t smell good?
Meeva: They don’t have any smell of the real flower. Maybe they smell of the ice-cream that the actress spills on them? (chuckled the elder sister)
Abu: (Giggles as they run back home holding hands)
Simba looks up at the sisters as Meeva enters the house followed by Abu. To him, their frock fantasies, make-up manias, and jewelry jealousy were all worthless. Video games. They are the real deal-breakers. Why do these girls giggle and run around ignoring so much fun? He looked down. And continued building the tallest roof-scraper.

Twelve years later …
Abu did not speak to Meeva. Nor did Simba. They just did not know what to tell her. Just when the adolescence had given them the arrogance of an assumed adult, life suddenly withdrew their pride, as Meeva was robbed of her mother. Aunt Garni was sweet, and always dear to Abu and Simba, although not pet sorts. At her mother’s loss, their silence dint matter to Meeva, for she felt silenced for the rest of her life.

A year later ….
Narul: I know that the loss is terrible. But you must live for Meeva! She is a child. Her loss is nothing compared to any of ours Cyril!
Cyril: (weeping) I know! I may be the eldest of us all Narul. But I feel like a weak child. It is so painful! Sometimes, Meeva is the mother I lost in Garni. I don’t know what to do!
Narul: Listen up! I don’t think this endless grief is taking the two of you anywhere. Do you trust me?
Cyril: What are you talking Narul? It’s my extended family that is all left for me in this life! Have I ever done anything to prove you otherwise?
Narul: Okay, don’t get emotional now! I just needed your assurance. Do as I say. Book tickets to my place. Stay here for a week. After that, leave Meeva here with us, and you go back. Let her continue her education and career here. You go and stay with Midiga until then. Meeva needs a change of place. Midiga is equally grieving! Console her. Powin and I, will take care of Meeva like our own daughter Abu. Abu and Simba will also love having Meeva around.
Cyril: But how …. (interrupted by Narul)
Narul: You trust me don’t you, Cyril? You guys deserve only the best!
Cyril: Okay. I will book the tickets and let you know.
Narul: Listen! Don’t tell Meeva all of our plans.
Cyril: But she will be shocked again Narul!
Narul: Pleasantly this time … Okay you both take care until then! (hangs up the phone)
Cyril was not sure what awaited in this journey, for his little girl. He just gave in and decided to let faith do the rest.
On the other side of the receiver, Narul trembled and looked at Powin nervously. She smiled reassuringly and brought back Narul’s good faith.

Abu: It was just too embarrassing you know?
Meeva: Why so Abu? He just likes you and he came and told you right? Why would you feel so nervous and embarrassed about it?
Abu: I don’t know! His proposal did not seem genuine Meeva. He was trying to create a scene. He seemed to try to seek attention. I mean everyone’s attention, not just mine. It did not seem like my feelings mattered to him at all!
Meeva: Do you feel so because he was loud and it was outside the library where lot of people walked by? Did he not meet your standards of proposal?
The question struck Abu like a pin’s prick. For a moment, she was taken aback by Meeva’s directness.
Abu: No no! That’s not the point Meeva! His feelings did not seem genuine or honest! You know the vibes you get with new people? It did not feel good! It’s not even the impression!
Meeva: Hmm! I know not your stand! You are the best judge! But I must confess. I haven’t had even a single proposal all my life. I do have a lot of guy friends, but nobody ever proposed to me. Not even “on the surface” like you mention.
Abu: (Quickly grasping the gravity of the situation) You have gotten some amazing friends Meeva! These guys that I have met, are not real. They don’t yet have  a character of their own! Their age is just taking rides on them. But your friends are real. They stand by you always! No wonder they deserve your comradery!
Meeva never looked at it that way. It brought in a whole new perspective to her. She looked at Abu who seemed lost in her own thoughts.
Meeva: I think I get why that proposal dint get through you.
Abu and Meeva smiled and winked at each other. Abu decided it the best time to open up her long due question.
Abu: Hey Meeva! You aint mad at me or Simba for that matter right? I mean we did not even reach out to you during …. you know …
Meeva: My mom?
Abu dint blink a drop. Meeva continued.
“Abu. We are all growing up and learning now. You just taught me how to look for depth in a person. All this time with you both here, gives me so much calm and hope. And I am grateful to Narul uncle for this!”
Abu: Any other daughter might have thought that their uncle separated her from her distressed father. But, you! You are awesome!
Meeva and Abu felt a sense of relief and connect, as they held their hands and walked back home to check if Powin needed help with something. Simba enters after a tiring match, and gives them a nasty look.
“What are you girls up to? Shopping? Or useless gossiping? You are both such a waste of time!”

Meeva smiled at Abu. Time had never wheeled for the cousins. But their quotients? Definitely!

This post is 17/26 of AtoZChallenge.


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

3 thoughts on “Quotient #AtoZChallenge #Q”

      1. It’s very different to my style of writing. The way you use dialogue and the speaker’s name is more like how a play would be written. You give a lot of information and character through dialogue which is always a good thing. I enjoyed the characters and their relationships with each other, a good sense of their lifelong friendships. If anything I got a little confused by who was who and how everyone was related to each other, took me a couple of reads to get it all straight. Other than that I really enjoyed it 🙂

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