Perseverance #AtoZChallenge #P

Halfway through this challenge, I must confess and document about what goes behind this endeavor. What started as a child’s bubble, has grown to become a vent spot, a habit, a passion, an obsession, an addiction and a dope. But the good thing about this is that, it does not hurt you. It does not hurt anyone, if you do it right. Bloggers across the world suited up their sleeves to take this challenge head on, and I joined the bandwagon. Hey what is this challenge? Is there a theme to it? Should it be a story? Or perhaps a submission? What does it even mean to do it everyday? There is no hard and fast theme necessary. But if you like, you can stick to a theme. Beware of the consistency challenges ahead in that case. The submission is the promise you keep up to give yourself a good sleep every night. No one watches over you. No one would ask you if you dint do it. You might even get over it in a day if you abandoned it. But if you did stick around, it would make a world of difference to you and this world. The bigger question is the last one …

What does it even mean to do it everyday? 

It means you are not letting yourself down. As the day begins, your mind starts to observe the world keenly, and tries to make mental notes, in the hope that you would be able to conceive the simplest of happenings with the best of words. The discipline of channeling your thoughts to your device’s screen is a favor you are doing to your mind. In the long run, it is going to improve your observance, calmness and helps organize your thoughts. Of course, all of this is personal experience. But I am sure my fellow bloggers go through a similar cycle of emotions. The perseverance this challenge builds in you, is enormous. I mean it is just amazing to see people carry a theme, and make time in a day, to do such grammatical justice to their conviction. It speaks volumes of their blogging integrity. It humbles me to pay massive respect to the macrocosm of this determination.

I had a splendid coincidence today, as I decked up to write about this perseverance. And I stumbled into this body builder/fitness model’s answer to a similar question, and I was blown away. Apparently this person is an author/writer too. Writing doesn’t spare most passionate souls I guess. Well, it made my day, and gave me more than what meets the eyes. I think you should read it too!

How will my life be different if I go to the gym every day?

So I have decided to pause, and honor my progress and also give a shout-out to my peers, as we gear up for the second innings. As a token of this milestone, I am going to share some of the best AtoZChallenge posts/series that have kept me going over the past two weeks. I like to highlight the bird’s-eye view of the sweat and sweet that doesn’t peep through these transparent screens. What gets posted as the final public draft, is the brain child of a whirlpool of words, disciplined distractions and fearless focus. I have shared my experience of reading these pieces. So do yourself a favor, and go over these pearls of writing.

No matter how old we grow, we know that we are those insatiable kids on the inside. Outside Perception’s series captures amazing anime/non-anime movies and a bit about their experience watching it. Trust me, I have added most of them to my list for unknown always expands like an ocean. Keep it going fella!

Oh, this author series is fueled by passion and military discipline. Seriously! I am an avid reader. So, every post of Dhivya’s alphabet, dragged me into caves of research about the authors and their bestsellers. My browser knows exactly my mood when I type in the letter ‘g’ and obligingly opens Goodreads instead of Google. What amazes me more, is her grit to read up books for writing up posts for this challenge. Isn’t that some level of tenacity? While all this goes behind the scenes, the platter is so pleasingly presented in the form of the title she is about to discuss, the author’s history and her first memories while reading the book. An organized approach that teaches us efficiency and passion management. Hats off Dhivya! And thanks for filling in me with great authors and books!

Blind man does not bluff love, most of all. This series is an example to bring in front of your eyes, all the cracks and crevices of emotions that travel towards love, despite the blind and unconditional blend this emotion expresses. This blogger has been published by THE HINDU (A leading and most demanded newspaper in India) for the simplicity and ingenuity of the theme. Give it a read, and a nice breeze will sweep past your heart.

Vid Dev can sing the letters together apart from penning them down to express her thoughts. Her series is a tribute to some of the finest stalwarts of Indian Classical Music. Some of these lost pearls, are a source of inspiration and their works involve a lot of math sans the music that has been commonly recognized. Read on, and discover some millennial passions!

Aratrika’s blog is all about taste buds. It is not just another food blog that talks about a restaurant menu or a home-made attempt. This blog is window shopping in beast mode. The moment you click the link to read on, your fingers reach the pocket to make sure you brought your credit card without fail! This personifies the inner demon that kills our convictions with cravings. Now, that is the success of this writing. That said, if not for such relish and cherish, what else is life about?

This author brings to us the charm of south India – Madras! The Petrichor and the flavor of this city, is depicted throughout the posts. It is the perfect tribute to the common thought – “Chennai is a city; Madras is an emotion” [Chennai was formerly called Madras]. For the love of madras, these posts will remain close to my heart!

This series is by far the most challenging one. Mommy bloggers are on the rise, but to stick to a 26-day commitment to write, deserves mountainous respect and a special mention. Through this series, this mommy describes the different emotions and the happenings that surround motherhood, in the modest of ways possible. Three cheers!

What shows up as a child’s kindergarten alphabet chart, is actually a thriller story from this talented writer. Imagine having to come up with a story everyday. To a normal blogger, the absence of surprise of the next word might seem like a loophole. In real, that is the biggest confinement to a writer’s mind. But Iain is undeterred about any of these, for his writing style, attention to details and the language keeps you hooked to the alphabet killings. Health alert – Those with a sensitive heart/brain conditions, are advised to binge-read this series for the author knows the technique of pinching your curiosity nerve and watching it dance in anxiety. Another must-read series for upcoming writers!

This is a specialty food blog that has tested and tried out recipes for the kitchen scientists out there. The signature of this blogger’s posts, is the originality and the innovative dishes she tries out. Taste-worthy reads!

Kavya’s ARR series documents some of the best songs of the Oscar-winning south Indian musician A. R. Rahman (aka) ‘Mozart of Madras’! This man goes out of his ways to establish music as a language, sans language. Hear his songs more than once, and you will know what I am talking about!

What’s a challenge without a Harry Potter reference? Yes. This series is a celebration for the HP maniacs and readers alike. The blogger brings to life all the nostalgic spells and the terminologies used by mistress Rowling. And sure he spells you to look for the next post, everyday! Aberto!

The boon and joy of womanhood and the essential gospels of a modern-day woman, has been neatly captured by this woman blogger. An intense interplay of the traits that would guard a woman, is the take away of this series.

Roma’s series is an intricate love story, painted with the hues and shades of the protagonists. Lovers world across would be of this love story with all the highs and lows it presents.

Sneha’s pensive series is like the diary of a calm lass, who sneaks in through her busy day for rampant sketches and sayings. These are a precious remnant of her blogging journey. It gives you an opportunity to slow down and smell the fragrance of the flowers, as you wait at a traffic light to take part in the long day ahead!

Zarahatke’s interviews are page turners of failure and success stories. Women from a realm of industries and fields are interviewed to discover a side of their life that the real world has no idea of! Commendable efforts!

Archana’s blog is like that mind voice which we all mute down to keep going at the day. She unravels the hidden agenda and confronts the reader’s self, and that is the success of this blog that connects out to the reader in more than one ways. Give it a shot! Motivation is the mantra of this age!

Rajmi’s series is unique. It is like the secret thanks all of us whisper into thin air. It is the hoard of her fulfilled bucket list that spreads a sense of contentment to the writer and the reader. Simple, sensible and smile worthy!

Inspiration gets insipid, if we do not learn to look around. In the lives of every person around us, life throws a million lessons to each one of us. And bloggers like Uma seize those daily lessons and give them words and shape. Read her series, and look out your window – who knows? Maybe your next inspiration is that old lady walking her pet dog!

Jansdoodles blog is about everything. There is inspiration. There is love. There is venting out. And then there is hobby! Apt to the title, it comes from the bottom of their heart, and reaches out to you, in no time!

Who would have thought this space could be used to express your thoughts to your family? Well IfsButsAndSetcs has made it possible with a series of letters to her son.

I was so hoping to find at least one travelogue series, as I frantically browsed through different other genres. And PolkaJunction showed itself as an Indian hideout. Travel across this incredible country through the eyes of this traveler. Remember, with every travel, you discover yourself!

Soothing poetry left to the interpretation of the reader, is the theme of RashmiAndI’s blog. Crisp and courageous communication seems to be the mood of these poems.

Anmol Rawat seems to fill the space with independent short stories of various genres. Again, a commendable effort that deserves to be humbly enjoyed!

Standing away from the noise of literature, poetry and other niche, this blog ambitiously educates about the do’s and don’ts in the retail industry. A bit of knowledge outside of our forte, is always handy. You would never know when it would be put to use. When the time comes, you will just be silently thankful!

Lance is a square peg in a round hole. Amidst people who squeeze their nerve cells to live up to the challenge, this author comes up with two posts for every letter. How would you react to that level of ambition? I’d suggest, click the link and read on!

Teerthadhanam’s series is all about classic cinema [Hindi and Tamil]. Some of the gems of yesteryear geniuses with a brand new perspective, is a refresher to read about and go to, for a second watch. Go for it!

True to its name, super shanki writes about the little big things that he encounters in a day. The catch is that his posts bring a smile or at least a chuckle on the reader’s face and that credits to his hilarious style of writing. Now that said, watch out for his intellectually stimulating reviews of some of the finest movies of Tamil cinema. His reviews are a creators’ delight for he notices the prick of a pin and documents its significance to the concept and the movie. I find it thoroughly enlightening. I am sure you will. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and take a shot at his wit!

To the readers out there, thank you all for keeping us going. To my peers, please keep this going until the finish line. It’s okay if you are behind. It’s okay if one of your blogs seems short or less intense. It’s okay to have double standards and also meet them. End of the day, it makes you happy, and that’s what matters.

This post is 16/26 of AtoZChallenge.


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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  1. Did I see it right? My blog name there?! A big thanks Abirami! It must have taken a few days for me to collate such a post and you did it for a daily post? Thanks for this list. I know most of these challenges by their titles only; never got to read one to date. I’ll bookmark this site and come back soon.

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