Oregon 1/3 – Crater Lake National Park #AtoZChallenge #O

Oregon commemorates the inception of my travel diary in this space. A long pending one! I would not want to endorse a place as such, because everyone’s sacred space varies, and it is their right to choose their own. Oregon is not a must see place, it is just a must experience place! To me, it remains the sanctum sanctorum of the United States of America. One good that thing that happened to america, spells 6 letters in that order – O-R-E-G-O-N. Unable to get over the look and feel of the three spots I visited in Oregon, I am going to blog my experience in multiple posts, for this beauty has won to become a pageant after multiple rounds of selection criteria. So, free your mind. Put your shoes on and buckle up. Ready to travel?

Kerala, a coastal southern state in India is fondly called “God’s own country”. On the lines of the coconut state, Oregon can be deemed as a poet’s paradise. Walk in with your life, and walk out as a writer for life. Tall trees, deep blue ocean waters that whitened towards the darker rocks, coarse sand dunes, and a 2000 ft deep crater lake, Oregon is a wonderland, and a home to a planet in itself. There is the desert like sand dunes just bordering the pacific waters, and then there are the mountains competed by tall trees. From the tallest tree to america’s deepest lake, Oregon scales heights of adventure and astounding beauty.

Getting off of the Eugene airport was the easiest choice since the road to the Crater Lake National Park seemed like a shorter drive. As you get closer to the wonder, your phone loses its tower signals and that is the best beginning of a trip anyone could ask for! If you paid attention to the vegetation and the character of the road en-route the lake, you will realize that your anxiety mounts with the elevation. And when we stopped the car to take the farthest view of the crater on our left, there was forest fire on the right hand side. We were lost between earth, water and fire, all at once! First things first. Take a good look at the forest fire before it burns out [Wow what does nature do to you? So much courage and counter intuition when a forest is burning?] That’s right. We did not want the fire to subside until we got a good view and info about how these fires happen in the area.

Enroute the crater lake
Postcard greetings!

The yellow morning that mesmerized us while on the way to the Crater Lake was the country side that seemed like one of those pages directly pulled out of the fairy tale books. As we approached the lake waters, the blue shades were starting to show themselves. The fringes and the frills of the blue frocks several feet below us, was painted by the dragging boat motors. And the white boats decorated the blue waters like the froth on a cup of creamy coffee. As I stared into the still blueness, there was this childish urge to dip a feather into the ink and sweep the sky with an all blue rainbow.

Blue frills

It reminds me of the lyrics from a famous Tamil song.

Andha vaanam varaya .. neela vannam .. En kaadhal varaya .. enna vannam?

[It takes blue(s) to paint the sky … What would it take paint my love?]

A lot of National Parks in the US are hyped for business. But all that’s only until you grasp the perspective. What you see through your eyes and what you go through in your veins is no one else’s fantasy or fanaticism. Not a lot of people found crater lake to be as mesmerizing as I did on that day. And then there were returning people. The center of the crater was the silence in a cacophony. Irrespective of the degree of craziness, the hole rapt everyone’s attention, with its still and calm. The moment you learn to master soft speech, you start ruling the ambiance with your communication.  Until that point, there was a lot of peppy music and leg pulling in the car. The journey towards the center of the lake, can be divided into pre and post first look, much like a movie. After looking at the palette of the hottest spectrum color, our minds were doting on the bowl of blue, and refused to send any signals to the vocal nerves. The calm normally comes after the storm. For a change, this calm was after the blue balm.

The wheels revoked their screeches and decided to play along, as we approached the visitor center. They did not seem to have a lot of interesting events planned for the day. Not that we were interested in any form of human interaction, it was just a courtesy drop in from our end. We had options to go to the hill at the center, and maybe take a ride in the water and see it all up-close. I’m glad we decided against it for it was too beautiful to be touched. At least I had not gathered the romance in me yet.

Although I have lost count of the number of times I have used blue in this travelogue, I promise that there is not the slightest exaggeration. Eyes don’t lie man. That blue is unique. It is precious. It is a jewel in the crater cup. Earth seemed to flaunt her blue stoned finger ring in the northwest of North America. The blue gotta be conserved, and protected. It would be even better if it were untouched. That’s what it tries to convey – touch me not! With the darkness and the calmness of the water’s blue, you get a sense of contentment that filled you at the first sight. Maybe it was love at first sight for you just like me. But you want to leave it a virgin. Because it gives a pristine feel. You don’t mess with such serenity. If you don’t trust my blue experience, ask the rocks. They have been married for over a century now – 117 anniversaries to be precise with the 117th one coming up in a month from this Earth day, and even now, lady blue chuckles at the first step of a rock. The dark rocks surround the waters all year long but are not allowed to touch the blue. All that the rocks get to touch and roll over, are the algae green that extends as a patch of coral green, until it turns into inky blue. Virgin blue is a smart lady. She tricks the rocks into believing that she is not yet ready. If she is not ready for the rocks yet, aren’t we all farther from the rocks?

Virgin blue that shies away from the rocks bordered by the algae green

Part 2 of Oregon Travelogue.
Part 3 of Oregon Travelogue.

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