My day #AtoZChallenge #M

The last thing I would want to do on Earth is write about my day on my blog. That’s how mundane it would sound, for I am an engineer and I like to engineer everything in my life. My blog is my escapade, so why spiral into the rut all over again? Okay, so it is not ‘about’ my day. Then what is this blog about? Wait. Did I confess that it is not about my day? It is. But it is not about my everyday or today. It is about an  imaginary day. What if I am given the choice to pick a day that would be commemorated for something that I select? Yes. My day would be chosen by me, and celebrated by you. Well, world over. So what is Gogal’s day going to be?

I am a procrastinator. So I would want to declare my day to be ‘The day of procrastination’. Irrespective of the time-zones, the world should run without time on this day. Time can only be relative on this day. You can keep track of the number of hours, but you don’t get to know the actual hour you are in, at any moment. Come on, get into the spirit, and just stop counting every minute. Make it timeless. Indeed, memories are timeless isn’t it? The exception is only to know when the day ends. The 23:59th minute of the day. At 23:59, a world gong goes out and the next day begins. On this day, people may feel free to procrastinate anything and everything in their daily life.

Wake up, or don’t. Procrastinate waking up to the next day. But be consistent. If you delay the first activity by an hour, then you stick to it. Every activity henceforth, needs to be delayed by an hour at least and an hour only. Make it interesting. You can start work an hour late, but you must also finish it late by an hour. Most of all, your meals will get procrastinated by an hour! Huge isn’t it? I know! (Read it in Monica’s tone.) So , be careful with the choices you make. Be careful about what you ask for.

Anything and everything can be delayed, and as a rule, must be delayed at least once during the day. And how would I enjoy this day? I would obviously wake up late, get to work late if it is a weekday. If not, waking up late would still be the norm, but the activities that follow would be different. I would get online to see what people are up to. I would love to see contests on the ‘most interesting procrastinator’, and also be curious to know how it affects big shots, politicians, actor actresses, sports, arts, and about everything. It would be super fun if you have an unaware manager and you just keep doing everything at a delayed pace (LOL, don’t blame me if you lost your job). It does not matter if you have an infant at home. Train them to the tradition. Your pet, your family and unaware friends. Just about anyone, and about anything.

And at the end of the day, record how you procrastinated your day. It could be an hourly journal, or a blog, or a video, or a status update. Means don’t matter. It is the content that matters. As absurd and abstract as it sounds, as funny as it could get, make it as fun as possible such that your garden flowers learn to bloom an hour late, just by looking at you. So, what would be your day? Let me know in the comments.

This post is 13/26 of AtoZChallenge .


Author: gogal

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