Kaliyuga #AtoZChallenge #K

I am aware of the complexity of this title. For those who are wondering what it means, it is one of the four yugas in the cycle of yugas, as described in Sanskrit scriptures. Yuga is defined as an epoch or an era. The Mahayuga (great cycle of the eras) is an interesting concept of time (-lessness maybe?). The life of the universe is estimated and calculated, and is divided into four stages of evolution. I am not going into the details of the math since the idea here is to liberate myself from this overwhelming curiosity of time and space. But to get to such boggling questions, we need to start with the basics. Yugan timelines have a ratio of 4:3:2:1. So we are living in the shortest yuga. The four yugas are

Satya yuga (The age of truth) – 0% evil, 100% good.
Treta yuga (The age of three-fourth truth) – Good vs evil war happened between heaven and hell
Dvapara yuga (The age of half truth) – Good vs evil had penetrated earth but the war broke out between countries.

Kali yuga – Not going to say the obvious except for the fact that is the current era. And does the bitter (quarter)  truth (translation) surprise you? It doesn’t surprise me. No, not getting cynical. Seriously. It has to happen. It was meant to, at least according to some ancient scriptures. Not even getting into true/fake/faith discussions. Believe it or not, it does not matter. But just wait up and think about it. This is not an advocacy of some belief or system, but just a gas-lighter to an overwhelming topic. It does not matter which belief or scripture you want to look into. Stick to your own. But do pause to consider the points that are coming up. I am sure they would arouse your curiosity sans your origin. Remember that the good and the evil is atomic and resided inside every mind in this yuga. Wow. Just wow. The microcosm of this dichotomy and the macrocosm of their travel over the yugas, amaze me from non-existence of evil to being parts of a whole.

How long have we been here? What have we been doing? Look at the kind of things we are getting into. Racing developments, wars, exploration, what not? I mean see the speed with which we are moving? Pause. Give in to few more minutes of brainstorming your own existence,

Consistent to the above concept, the universe goes through continuous cycle of creation and destruction. And so do everything in the universe. Yes, I am coming to us the humans. We also go through cycles of birth and death based on our actions. It seems that things would even out at the end. The math does not work by 10 good cancelling out 10 bad. But 10 good yielding 10 positive repercussions and the pattern follows for the nature of each of our actions. Okay. So what next? When you get to the point where you have constantly reduced and zeroed out your bad actions, you attain moksha (salvation) which is birth-lessness. So technically, you keep coming back to earth until you null your evilness, to qualify for moksha. That said, now fast forward to end of time.

If the universe keeps coming up to creation every Mahayuga, what about us the people? Do we keep getting born as the same set of species in every yuga? Wouldn’t that be super boring? Or is there more surprise? Will we remember the great cycle at all? Or are we going to unlearn and learn the same worldly things over and over again? Killing obsession isn’t it?

“Either we are alone in this universe, or we are not. Both are overwhelming!”

This post is 11/26 of AtoZChallenge.


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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