Jovial #AtoZChallenge #J

   The fevered kid looked in awe. “So the warrior swims across Red Sea with all his energy.” “Is the sea red in color Appa?” her eyes widened. “Hmm. Maybe!” He held her tighter to make sure there was no gap for air to give her any chills. “And then as he reached the island, he looked for the bad guy.”, her dad’s voice coarsened. “Once he was spot, he took over him and fought and argued with him about how bad it was to carry the poison around, in this world. He explained to him that it did no good to this land that gave him everything in life, and so he should not pursue it. ” The child’s eyebrows shrunk. “He realized his mistake and pleaded the warrior to give him 3 days, to think over and get away from these routines that he went about with this poison. Thus, the warrior conquered poison.” The father was getting close. “What does conquer mean appa?” bemused cuteness glittered amidst the rising temperature. “To conquer is to attack a problem and make friends with that problem. The poison was a problem to the warrior. So he made friends with its owner first. Made him understand that poison is bad. And then made sure that poison was gone. So he conquered it right?” struggled the loving father. “But how did he attack the poison?” Although pride beamed in his heart, the struggle was getting harder than he thought. His wife smirked at his act as she placed the glass of warm water in front of the duo. “So the warrior got the poison, added some spinach and turned it into healthy food. And then he went on to distribute it to the villagers of the land.” huffed the man. “Hahahahaha! The poison is gone! The poison was attacked. Now everyone will get good food!” the voice of his mind was racing against time. Some level of attacking the problem was done although complete transfer of control was yet to happen. The next shot has to be the best shot or the mission fails. But really? That’s it? She bought that answer? Her mother knew it was time to take over. Grabbed the child by her arms and held her neck tight to her own, to feel the heat. The warrior needed to be sent across the realm of the thick red ocean. The child opened her mouth wide this time, and gulped the tablet with contentment. “Yay! I have sent my warrior! He will go and destroy all the bad.”, and then she starts to feel sleepy within minutes. Everybody went to bed with the contentment that some serious conquering had started and hoped that the respective warriors did their duties.

“So how did I perform?” beamed the husband man. “Needless to say. Jovial always works. I believe fun is the best medicine in life” said the wife as a matter of fact. The kid smiled in her dreams as the parents looked on. Amidst parents who wondered how to conquer fevers and fears, the two warriors made peace with the deadly combination.

This post is 10/26 of AtoZChallenge


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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