Instinct #AtoZChallenge #I

Primally animal, partially dismal.
Innately human, invariably woman.
Unexpected guest, unpredictable host.
Timeless intruder, timely savior.
You draw parallels to the divine,
That one who is the subject of existential debates.
But you do exist, don’t you?
The real omniscient, inside me, it’s all you.
The noise you make sometimes, invites unwanted attention.
The poise retreat prisons me in retention.
Cut open my flesh, you would be a whole in every piece fresh.
Its’ funny how you are a singular, when millions follow you.
Dear instinct, you are a leader.
What would I do with you?
What would i do without you?

This post is 9/26 of AtoZChallenge.

This post is a submission to ‘The Daily Post’s’ daily prompt. Today’s prompt is timely.


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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