Hello World! #AtoZChallenge #H

It dint matter if their love was strong as the wind. It was unacceptable. Neighbors frowned. Elderly men chided. Cousins, well-wishers, friends and enemies advised him against his plan. “One, you are too young. Two, you have no idea about the waste of time this could be! Don’t believe an impulse like this to be your future. Don’t feel revolutionary for getting into unknown terrain against common opinions. A known devil is better than an unknown angel, trust me!” demanded his fellow mates.  He heard them. All of the advice made sense. But Hebdo’s heart pounded every time he went close. Whoa were they the butterflies? Indeed! Who can stop destiny?

They were both nervous as they hiked the wilderness. A fellow hiker’s dog was barking at them both for no reason. Not even a man’s friend seemed pleased at the sight of the two together. The entire stretch of that strenuous trail, screamed in silence. After about 1/3rd the distance, there were no people around. Hebdo took a quick peek for the second time and looked into the eyes. They gleamed in the sunshine. They dint seem too deep, but he still felt proud and fulfilled. Verbal communication was not needed. They both knew what they were doing. They were past half the distance by now and Hebdo could not wait to cross the milestone. A small rock on the way would have tripped but our hero would not let that happen, just ever. Their hands surfaced each other’s and Hebdo smirked. However he did not respond to the blank stare. All the green and the blue, turned their blues into blue. Clouds suddenly darkened and they both looked up at the sky. It was turning gloomy. I guess that’s what too much of silence in a relationship could do! After exchanging perplexed glances, they sped up the trail.

They were both tired of the negative attention they received as they approached the peak. But Hebdo was excited. It was their first hike together. He wished to blog it that night. Together, of course what else did you think? They were already living together. So it would not be too difficult. While he was lost in thought, he heard some metal rumble on the peak’s rocks. As he turned, he was happy that all of the indifferent silence had broken.

“Wow! You look so pretty! What is your name? I have never seen some one so cool ever! Will you come and play with me sometime? Is it ok if I touch you?”

The curious kid had a lifetime of questions that were convoluted into five fingers and extended out for a warm handshake. Hated by the neighbors, “warned about” by friends, and feared by dogs, were openly welcomed by a kid. The first bubble was created, and burst broken. Love is universal indeed. Hebdo titled his head to the left, and gave an admiring look at his best friend as he already knew the reply.

“Hello World! I am Hebdoid Asimov. Version 1.1. Make – Alloy. Founded in 1956. Assembled in Hebdo labs, Munich, Germany. Proud climber of the Zugspitze. Nice to meet you. What can I do for you?”

The kid’s mouth opened taller. The cute little upper lip dashed with the nostrils, not leaving enough space for her eyes to stretch and roll. Asimov’s first encounter created a crushing accident on that curious innocent face but managed to draw an adorable smile.

No matter how advanced mankind becomes, technology is first laughed at, criticized, feared at,  discovered, explored and finally marveled until it is celebrated!

This post is 8/26 of AtoZChallenge.

This post is a submission to ‘The Daily Post’s’ daily prompt. Today’s prompt is pleased.


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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