Ego #AtoZChallenge #E

A balloon on my nose, a cocoon to my flaws.
When I’m wrong, you don’t belong.
When I’m right, you shine bright.
No one knows when we talk. Maybe during a fight or a walk.


I’m out of words when I see you.
That is not your exit pass, when I wait to be you.
Stay subtle and slow. Find me and flow.
Guard me from denial. Gate your evil ritual.


You can stay. But not to grow.
I shall slay. And do a blow.
No, not a threat. Don’t fret.
Stay put. I shall be my best. You bet.
Dear ego, don’t you ever go!

This post is 5/26 of the AtoZChallenge

This post is a submission to ‘The Daily post’s daily prompt’ Denial


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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