D #AtoZChallenge #D

Silliness alert. After learning the alphabet, writing a blog and discovering my C’est la vie, I have decided to take a Dreak. Eh, break.

For a change, I am going to try and come up with a fun post where you can add/edit with a ‘D’ anywhere to a name and let’s see how creative this can get? I am including English, Hindi and Tamil movies. Feel free to add book/author/celebrity/places/companies names and let’s try to keep it funny and less controversial? Thanks! Let’s get crazy!

  1. Mad maD series (Mad max series)
  2. P. S. I loveD you (P. S. I love you)
  3. DEarth (Earth)
  4. DhooD (Dhoom)
  5. Margarita with a straD
  6. Singh is Ding
  7. 12 Angry Den
  8. ReaD window
  9. ThodaDi
  10. Idhu namma Dalu
  11. Do
  12. Dink
  13. Docky
  14. Pulp Diction
  15. Harry Dotter
  16. Dense and Density (Had to change densibility to density to make dense 😉 )
  17. Dame of thrones
  18. Douse of cards
  19. Death Dote
  20. Domeland
  21. Dew York
  22. Dark Zuckerburg
  23. Elon Dusk
  24. Dalt Disney
  25. Dill gates
  26. Jammu & Dashmir
  27. Duora
  28. Best BuD
  29. ebaD
  30. Disco
  31. Breaking Dad
  32. Dove birds
  33. P. S. I Dove you

Disclaimer – This post is purely for fun. No intention of demeaning or insulting any creative work.

This post is 4/26 of the AtoZChallenge


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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