C’est la vie #AtoZChallenge #C

These french words translate to ‘that’s life’, ‘such is life’. That’s the thing with translation right? I am a pessimistic reader/writer who is never satisfied with any translations or transliterations. I believe that the emotion behind the words of a saying is extremely native and belongs to a mighty culture where it is first conceived. Once you begin going back to trace them, you will discover lot more than just the translated content. The real meaning behind a quote I believe would have come from a man who has lived a unique experience. Now why should this be unique? Let’s consider an example. And the easiest example should come from something that at least most people can relate to. I am going to take the help of cinema here. Voila! Cinema is another C! Anyway.

‘This part of my life … this right here. this is called happiness”

I don’t think I would need to explicitly mention the name of the movie although I owe it all the due credits. It is a simple movie that can be commented in one line with few words. Chris Gardener is broke. And this breaks his marriage as well. He has to find a job. And he has to mend all of these broken pieces in his son. That is all of what the movie deals with. But the above quote resonates with all of us. All through the journey, Chris is chased by life as he chases happiness. The moment he pauses to stop chasing and start thinking, his life begins and turns around. Happiness starts chasing him. And how he flips all of his misfortune into his pursuit of ‘happy’ness forms the rest of the story. And he does not say the above words, but lives them, in that moment and adds meaning and life to those words. These words borne out of his thoughts, are the cusp of all of the challenges he conquered and a testimony to his will. Will we ever be able to do justice to his pulse in any other language? These words summed up his life, from the first C (voila again!) to the last r in his name.

I am sure all of us have our own C’est la vie. Our C’est la vie should sum up our life well and for that we all should live well!

This post is 3/26 of the AtoZChallenge

This post is a submisson to ‘The Daily Post’s’ daily prompt Cusp


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

3 thoughts on “C’est la vie #AtoZChallenge #C”

  1. I believe the culture behind the words, too. That’s why I always think I’ll never get a good taste from foreign writer’s book like the people those speaking his/her language. There are fantastic translators in the world, I know, but they will never be able to translate the emotions much the same, pratically.
    I’ll keep following your challenge, I liked it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right Dino. I consider language learning as one of the greatest challenges for the same reason. It is not just about memorizing the letters and developing a vocabulary. It is about experiencing the essence of it all! 🙂
      Thanks for encouraging my challenge attempt. Humbled 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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