Blog #AtoZChallenge #B

Blog. A blog is considered very informal and conversational in nature. For all those introverts and tight-lipped observers, blog comes as a breather. Not all bloggers are introverts. Not all introverts are bloggers. But the two make a handsome pair – A match made in heaven. There are extreme introverts who don’t share their blog. Then there are those who don’t blog because their thoughts might slip out. And then there are those who don’t utter this word. We are a mixed race. Moving on to the other side of the world, bloggers express in all forms – pensive posts, travel and leisure experiences, crush and love adrenaline rushes, moral anger, life experiences and anything and everything that slithers into their everyday life and leaves a mango of difference – big, bright, sweet and delicious! Oh, and how did I miss the food bloggers? I am just going to try and blog about different bloggers who have been captivating me for a while now.

Foods & Foodesses – Not not fools. Foods. Foods are the male counterparts of female foodies. First things first. Only after you feed yourself, can you do anything else. Food bloggers are a recent growing catch – I guess people started out picture blogging their recipes. Today, we have a plethora of food bloggers that promote a specific lifestyle such as veganism, vegetarianism, pregnancy foods, toddler foods, pet foods and classic restaurant recipes. Food is emotionally connected to, by these foodies. Food is one roof that comes in all colors and cultures. From planting their favorite herbs in their kitchen, to garnishing their flaming efforts with all their love and care,  seeing their loved ones close their eyes in relish, pulls down the foodies’ excitement levels to coma, as a side effect of a fine delicacy. It is an instant answer to most fights in our households. Long life Foodesses!

Travelbugs– Now that we had food, lets travel a bit.  ‘Wanderlusts’ as they call themselves, are travel bloggers who have a passion for new lands and neo-waters. Borders can’t stop them. Nor can VISA denying leaders (winks). Outdoor remains their calling and craving. They breathe the places they travel to. To them, the definition of a traveler is very important. They are known for keeping their head held high when identifying themselves from a tourist who takes a picture of themselves in a place while a traveler takes the picture of just the place in its pristine view or most other times, be content gulping the scenery down their throat to be safely unedited and framed in their hearts. A huge chunk of this imagery is retained in their memory that impregnates their soul and breath to conceive a colorful blog. This is the climax of their travelgasm. They travel places to discover themselves and document their journey into the divine inner self. Their notes become a handy guide to most first time travelers and cross-country passionistas. Had it not been for these wonderful souls, how would we travel to exotic locations within the walls of our room?  You go wandras!

Pennists – Travel taught, food for thought! (Trust me I am not hungry! Just that my food has reached my brain now. Ok!) Pensive bloggers cover a broad spectrum of topics from relationships, love, bonding, nostalgia to life experiences, small bigs, rants and ramblings. The birth of words from their emotions quakes the hardest rock in the deepest of oceans. Pensive bloggers easily discover the shortest route to a successful writer in my opinion. Emotions are a natural instinct that could connect with people across cultures and countries to unite in a jiffy. And that, remains the crowning glory of pensive bloggers. Three cheers to the future pentratures!

With a lot more vlogs, photoblogs, instablogs, quoradditions, genres and niches getting a taste of blogs, I think the possibilities are blogless. Yes. I just tried to add that word to my dictionary. To me, blog means no limit. Sky could be the limit for scientists. But remember ‘Blog’ only begins with B.

This post is 2/26 of AtoZChallenge


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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