Alphabet #AtoZChallenge #A

If smile is the first compliment of mankind, I truly think language is another. Smile and language differentiate and elevate mankind from other species. Every species communicates but only homo-sapiens extensively use language and alphabets to communicate. As I decked up my laptop to start my writing on the uniqueness and importance of an ‘alphabet’, I could not ignore the first letter of alphabet in majority of languages. It is intuitive and is the first baby kick of our vocal chords that resonate the sound of /ˈa. Oldest spoken language Tamil begins with /ˈa. Oldest written language Sanskrit begins with /ˈa.  Most modern of the languages open the door to its alphabets with /ˈa. And many more languages open up their tool list with this special letter ‘A’. I am awed by this unison in human mind across the world, that had synced centuries ago, even before they came up with a communication system to sync up, but later laid the foundation for the most powerful tool of humankind. Isn’t it mind-boggling? With tremendous usage in our everyday life, I would want to steal this moment to glorify the alphabet, that we all take for granted. As I enjoy this fun fact, this blog is my 2-cent tribute to the alphabet, which is incidentally the parent company of the most intuitive search giant Google as well.

The alphabet is the sound of life.

Braille or basic, alphabet is music.

This post is 1/26 of AtoZChallenge

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Author: gogal

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4 thoughts on “Alphabet #AtoZChallenge #A”

  1. I like this! Nearly every alphabet starts with the letter A even if it isn’t written that way. I wonder if there is a language where the alphabet does not start with the letter A or an A sounding word.

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