Love – deal with it : 1/2

Karthik: Hi, Is Mr. Thiruchelvan home ?

Indira: Hi, No, he is yet to come home from a literary function. but hey! Arent you the Karthik of .. um .. VTV fame?

K: Yes, Mam.

Indira: No mam please, Indira would be fine. He told me that you would come for a story discussion.

K: Oh good. Yea, Needed his insights regarding a new subject I am handling.

I: New subject? So you are finished telling your love story?

K: Not exactly, All my movies are slices of my life. Can’t help it.

I: I can totally get that, in fact all the movies are same slice of your life it seems. Am just kidding.

K: ha ha !! Such, is my love life. Can’t really forget the love of my life. So, that portion will reflect in all my movies.

I: Okay. Cool. You should really get over with it. Do you think that living and reliving in the past will bring you happiness?

K : It’s not about sadness. It is actually a lot more than that. I am trying to recreate those moments in my movies, and a thousand others relive them, through my eyes. I see it as a creative rush.

I: Thiru used to say that men are polyamorous, but I’m curious to see you stuck in one love for a very long time. Do you realise that you are stuck in someplace consciously?

K: I don’t call it stuck in love, but savouring my one love over time.

I: Time… it is one of the crucial factor that plays a major role in every love story. They say that Time can heal everything, you seem to be not believing in that idea.

K: Well, aren’t we all pawns in the hands of time? *gives a content smile*.

I: Ah! Now that does make me think. Well we cannot rule time since time changes. But we definitely can stitch it. Time can heal only if you allow it to heal. Tell me what is love according to you ?

K: Love is a feel that motivates you, Love is a feel that brings out the dormant person in you. Love is a feel that kindles the dormant volcano in you. Love happens. And love heals. It is infinitely large and immeasurably intricate.  *beaming smile emerges*

I: Wowow. Let me process that. *chuckles and clears throat* Uhum ..  Good and you think it can be evoked by only one person? What if the one person you love is the not the one.

K: *Stares at their portrait intently before a gasp. Returns to her line of sight* The one. Hmm! How do you define the one? The one who  you get to spend your life with? The one that life shows you as the last one? What is that the one? Isn’t it just you at that point in time, your gut that screams in silence? I am sure, she is the one. I can feel that. What more would I need?

I: Oh you wonderful creator! No wonder I am your fan. Thiru would keep reasoning you out as one hell of an introspector. I think I agree now. But I must add! You are swimming in your pensieve of thoughts. You need to come above that to know what you are missing.

K: I see what you are coming at. I accept your nudge although I am pretty happy with this. But curiosity kills the cat. Why do you say that I need to come out of it? It is the respect I give to my love. It’s not dwelling in the past but rather reliving and recreating the best moments of my life.

I: Appreciate you opening up! Those moments sure were a best. But I still think that life and this world , is much larger than you, or I, can ever imagine! They were some of the best moments you were destined to experience. You have made up your mind that those are your best moments. A creator never ceases to love his creation, he never settles. You seem to have come to the conclusion that those were the best days of your life and hence stopped experiencing new things. This will not only hinder your progress but also it will make you always incomplete. Cherish all of the best ones including this love. But try not to let it restrict your other best moments. After all, will such special love let you compromise on yourself? I refuse to believe so! *calms down after the high . . . awed by his awe*

K: That IS beautiful! So how do you think I should go about this? Cherishing what I love and making new memories without bringing down the past glory?!  what are you suggesting me to do?

I: Awesome! So this is the deal. You respect your love, no issues on that. But experience life. Living in the past cut your ties with the present. Living in the past should not cut your ties with the present – so keep reliving once in a while or whenever you wish to – like when writing your stories – making life decisions (huh? You might wonder how?! Trust me. Some of the most important decisions made by people, in their lives, starting from naming their kid to grooming their bud, would resonate their beloved. And it is not a bad thing at all. It is special. It is precious indeed). Haven’t you heard of the quote

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is the gift and hence it is called present”.  

And so keep your mind and heart open, experience love. The one true love might or might not be the one true love. The one true love may not stop being the only true love. They were a part of you. They are. They will always be. You guys are destined to be. How does it matter if you both get to spend the rest of your lives together to prove it at all or not? You both know it, deep inside you!

K: That is so deep. So very profound! Thank you for giving me some points to ponder upon. I am glad I grabbed a chance to have a chat with you. I am thankful Thiru sir is taking a bit of a time to be here. He has gifted me ‘the present’ *Wide smile*.

Note – This post is a submission to The Chennai Bloggers Club love them contest 2017. Please continue to part 2 in this link –


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