Tea Tree Oil

You wouldn’t be blamed if you assumed this to come from the beverage’s plant. But that is not true. This essential oil’s aroma is nowhere close to the beverage. Rather, it is staunchly toxic. It is close to camphor’s odor and the color is close to pale yellow/clear. This oil is isolated from the leaves of the tree melaleuca alternifolia. Claimed to be a native of southeast Queensland, it is considered ideal for external uses.

Counter intuitive to the name and the unrelated common belief, tea tree oil is an excellent skin toning agent. Tea tree can heal sunburns and add smoothness to the skin. In mathematical terminology, it is an eliminator. In life, it is not only important to be positive, but also necessary to negate the evil. Tea tree is a negating agent. Once you get rid of the allergens and their side effects, the skin is fresh and fine. Tea tree oil is known to cure a lot of skin issues such as acne, irritation, insect bites, infections, and rashes.

Apartment from the dermal benefits, it is known to be a cleanser. It is an all-purpose cleaner that keeps the pets fleas away. It is an extraordinary atmospheric cleanser. In combination with rosemary oil, tea tree oil can treat foot odor and eliminates toe nail fungus. It is brilliant how this essential oil is still consumed by common people for a range of skin diseases.

There are over 100 components in tea tree oil, but it is mostly made up of terpene hydrocarbons: monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and their alcohols. Light, heat, exposure to air and moisture can affect TTO’s stability, so make sure to place it in an airtight container and store it in a dark, cool and dry place. This oil could make a perfect laundry detergent and insect repellent. Steam inhalation of tea tree oil is helpful in alleviating chest pain and head congestion.

To be honest, the patent should go to the natural aborigines of the east coast of Australia.Tea tree is a classic example of a precious find that they left behind. Our yesteryear generations, did have a knack of figuring out everything organic and natural. We as the torchbearers of humankind, should ideally take the entire good forward, and discover and preserve better. I am not really sure about the latter, unfortunately. We, as a generation, race and species are bent towards setting trends, glamorizing the tiniest of things, in comparison to embracing simpler and safe lifestyle.

I mean I am not a nihilist. It is definitely okay to dress up and make up for an occasion; but it is important to be wise to understand that it is only skin deep and does not last long. Until we get over the realm of this enigma surrounding fashion, trend and glamor, and begin to look at things for their DNA and the essence, we will not only lose what we deserve, but also compromise on our rich, diverse and glorious past.

Again here, I don’t dwell in the past. But I do love the forethought they possessed. Irrespective of the times and the people, I think it is a complimentary attribute to appreciate the good in all. Our ancestors never saw the need to patent things, for they always believed that everything belonged to this world. Well, I think they indeed owned this world by the virtue of their thoughts and actions. It is now in our hands.

Disclaimer – Usage for different applications might demand specific mixture and composition with specific compounds that may not have been discussed in this blog. All of the above information has not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration or any other qualifying entity. All of the content above is from various sources on the web. The medicines and the recipes discussed, are proven to be effective based on the experiences and other blogs on the internet. Not all of these have been personally tried and tested by me. I am no expert in this oil’s usage. Good luck trying!

This post has been written in collaboration with the IndianSuperHeroes. They have these oils purely extracted from the herbs. You can find them in their store right here.


Author: gogal

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