Black and white

I love to play all day long. I am a dirtbag. I love rolling. I love the dried up rust colored maple leaves. I love the rustle they make when I roll over them. I love this slide board. They never existed before at home. But I totally love these here. Oh! And these horses and elephants! I love rocking on these! Do they know me? I have seen them act very wild. How do they allow me to rock on them? I don’t like those nasty pin pricks that they give me sometimes. It pricks for just a second but it feels like an ant bite. But I don’t like it. I love all the green around. Sometimes I look at my fingernails and love them beyond love. When I am too lazy to walk, I shove my back into the spots and love to rest there until forever.  I do not know why my friends swing their body from left to right while they walk. It looks so funny. Oh I love these bamboos and love eating them every second of my life. Ah! Here she comes. Her face is so full of love. “Can I lay here on your shoulder all day long, nanny?” this place, her heart, is my hideout. Ah I love these squishy balls. I adore how they love hugs. Had it not been for around these fur balls, where else will my hideout be? She hugged the panda tighter.

This post is my response to the daily post’s prompt Hideout


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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