Citriodorum oil

I fail to understand. My vision is blurred. Nausea peaks. The voices around reverberate in my head. I feel like putting off all the surrounding lights. The throbbing and the hammering seem to progress exponentially. If I attempt to swing my head to the mellifluous music, I am consumed by fear. No. Dread. I dread my head. And dread the pandemonium that deafened my mind. The white silence inside my head was too loud. The loud music outside my head silenced the hall. The combination of extreme music and endless silence pounded my being. I can’t hold up anymore. I will need to leave right away or I might throw up and black out. If there is one demon that I am vulnerable to, it is definitely the migraine attack. I acknowledged the well thought saying, to each their own – from fever and headache, to love and life.

Am I hallucinating? Or am I thinking straight? I have read on google results about hallucination as aside effect of migraine. I am probably hallucinating. The music did not have me anymore. I started to walk towards the flashing red exit sign in the aisle’s darkness. I do not quite like the black and red combination right now. My! How much longer would this last? When will I reach the end of this? The walkway. Ouch the pink jeweled dress of that kid reflects in the row seat lighting, and I just can’t begin to explain how annoying that sight is, to my eyes, my mind and my migraine. My migraine. Yes. Why do I own it? Don’t I only have it? I am just beginning to. But I am definitely hallucinating!

The music from the dais is fading more and more and I hear it less and less. Ah the exit is here! Now what are these booths? Oh man, I am not in the slightest mood to meet or hangout with anyone. Please and please spare me. Tada… here arrives my friend. As we exchange pleasantries, I am dragged to the sponsor booths lined up at the hall reception. I try to plead sick but I am not heard well right now. I am told there is this ayurvedic booth that has ‘interesting’ stuff. Seriously? Now? The booth did not have pompous banners or ads. It seemed very simple and to the point.  As we went closer, the smell of medicine seemed intriguing. My friend started asking for Citriodorum oil. I had no clue of this joke. My head is screaming in pain. I am longing for a headache balm and a sound sleep. Should I really put up with all this? Here interrupts the stall person; and begins explaining about this “essential oil”.

Eucalyptus citriodorum, a genus of the plant family of Myrtaceae has a history of wide applications. The essential oil of the lemon-scented gum mainly consists of citronellal (80 percent), produced mostly in Brazil and China. The refined oil’s citronellal is converted into cis- and trans-isomers of PMD, a process that naturally occurs as the leaves of the plant age. Pure PMD is synthesized for commercial production from synthetic citronellal.

It is considered effective for body aches and sores. A drop of this oil in warm to hot bath water is known to relieve sprains and muscle spasms as a result of routine fitness or physical activities. It is used in preventing mosquito and deer tick bites. It can be used to get tar off of clothing. As the voice kept going on, my friend interrupted to cut out and asked if it could help migraine. I was taken aback by a bit of a surprise. I never confessed about migraine. Yet. Well, good. I thought to myself and lifted up my head to listen intently. A drop or two of eucalyptus citriodorum oil in combination with a headache balm in boiling hot water pot gives soothing aroma. Do not let the vapors escape. Rather inhale and go through one round of steaming. And I promise your friend will feel a lot better. We looked at each other and exchanged the exact same question. So would it be possible for you to give us a demo? Uttered my friend. Definitely. The stall keeper blurted in response. I have never been a fan of experimenting with health. Especially such stalls. Humph. I have to try some medicine now. I was confident of the fact that nothing could worsen my headache since it has already peaked. So this should not hurt much.

I was taken behind a green screen where water was boiled and the solution was being prepared. All I remember about the next ten minutes was pristine inhaling of the medicinal oil. At the end of the mild treatment, my face was perspiring with the vapor. I felt a sense of relief. My migraine seemed less pronounced.  I was still feeling weak but at least the pain had mitigated. I smiled for the first time in the last hour. My friend re-assuredly smiled and showed me the ride back home. As I took the ride, I rested my temple on the car door. The breeze calmed my senses and I slept in exhaustion. As soon as I got home, I took the bottle I had bought at the booth and prepared the solution. I need one more round of the medicine. For once, I did not feel averse taking a medicine. Instead, I was looking forward to it. That’s the power of nature. As we move closer to nature and natural products, betterment of health is a reinforcing side effect that we most definitely enjoy. I knew what I needed to do after my next sleep. I woke up. Grabbed my phone and called up my friend; and expressed my thanks for letting me try this organic essential oil. Don’t mention. You do not need to thank me.

Disclaimer – Usage for different applications might demand specific mixture and composition with specific compounds that may not have been discussed in this blog. All of the above information has not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration or any other qualifying entity. All of the content above is from various sources on the web. The medicines and the recipes discussed, are proven to be effective based on the experiences and other blogs on the internet. Not all of these have been personally tried and tested by me. I am no expert in this oil’s usage. Good luck trying!

This post has been written in collaboration with the IndianSuperHeroes. They have these oils purely extracted from the herbs. You can find them in their store right here.


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