I am sharing my write up, which was a submission to #SunoMaaKiKahaani (Listen to a mother’s story) by the government of India. It is a small write-up that is constrained with word limit.

I hope to expand this as a complete blog. For now, the original entry . . .

Amidst mothers who defended their girl, I went to school alone, explored, and came back with strength. She prepared me for a tomorrow surrounded by strangers. You can be a hero amongst those who love you. Would you go beyond yourself and still show courage? She came into an orthodox family and introduced me to Bharatanatyam (primarily devadasis’ art then – prohibited, in a traditional Brahmin household), created a dancer in me; pushed middle-class frontiers; afforded foreign education. Burning her midnight oil for my dance exams, she also passed on her indomitable spirit to me – it took two years to gather myself up, to go on stage and be a performer, yet again, after her demise – especially after the warrior battle she put up against her brain damage. Yes. Not just education that matters – it is the material you make yourself, your character that writes your tale no matter how learned you become! Should I dance ever again? The day before my performance, I felt shattered, before the last set of hairpins from her, revealed her answer to my two-year long question. She lives on, in my new “Environment-Day” plant, this write-up, and in every good soul around.


Author: gogal

Pensive pen. Nostalgic nutella. Read through, and you wont regret.

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