The Palace Of Illusions

I am sure the title would have conveyed the historical/mythological/epic background of this blog post. Yes, you guessed it right. This one’s a small thread out of the intricately woven epic Mahabharatha. For relevance, please read the review by Swami Nathan and then proceed to the discussion –

Gogal – It’s a good book! 🙂

Swami – (That’s alright) Ellam OK.. But are you convinced with the way the relationship between Kunti & Draupathi is portrayed?
Gogal –  I read it long time back Anna. So don’t remember that. What is etched in my mind is karna draupadi encounters, in their mind and in real. With kunti, ts more like friction right?
Swami – It was more of a cold relationship between the daughter in law and the mother in law – author’s way of portrayal.. Karna and Draupathi’s is nice, but she carrying the softness even after the disrobing event does not convey that She is a strong woman.. A few lines after the Nala Damayatnthi story is just ultimate – on why the virtuous always suffers and how life needs to be faced by them
Gogal – Basically the perception will be like she had friction with just women in her life, but she would more freely connect to all kinds of men – good, bad and the wicked … In the sense, she will quickly be able to reason out men’s actions. Like her dad, brother, husband. Also indirectly points her lovely motherless childhood that turned her into a gritty and solid woman, more like expectations cannot bury me kinds. The disrobe scene is a metaphor again, that shows her sage like mindset. Don’t you think so? Let me know what you think of it.
Lonely and motherless childhood*
And you just nailed it. Krishna tries to display the fact that the virtuous suffer the most. So she starts to smile instead, on the inside. It’s not exactly softness, rather metaphorical. Reminds me of “the difficulty of being good” by gurcharan das which is on the same lines about how noble people suffer.
Swami – Gogal, she had very few women in her life.. She was close with Dhri ma, and not a good rapport with Kunti.. Did she really have a good connect with men. She herself openly admits she did not love any of her husbands as they longed to be..I agree with you on the disrobing event.. Very well written with no melodrama and brings out the actual essence of the event..and finally she herself admits that she had not been a good mother and the fire of revenge engulfed many sweet moments of her life.. only to finally see loosing everyone..But is that not life..NOTHING LASTS..
Gogal – In terms of connecting with Krishna, her brother. I think that line was better than her relation with anyone else. Dhri ma an exception though .. And she could not get herself to be friendly or very giving to anyone. If there was one person that she was being herself to, then it is Krishna. I think she is called krshna right?
 In an essence, the palace of illusions as the title aptly captures it, is a gloomy tale of a princess, who finds it very difficult to come to terms with life … But survives, and remains the show stopper of the epic …. The thread is very interestingly spawn in the sense, is it her temperament that brings more gloom to her life or is it the other way? But whatever had been different, who can change destiny, who can question the dynamic unfolding of life’s events?!!!
Swami – Gogal, Wow.. you choice of words promises an author in future…and great outlook too..way to go..and waiting to see..
Gogal – 🙂 keep sharing your reads anna, good books can bring the best out of anyone 🙂

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